The Sold Dream Part 7

The sold dream 7

“we Humans with emotions and feelings.” 

The summer was cruel the butterfly’s and summer flowers in the camp were replaced by human waste and flies. Summer was stifling and the heat became unbearable. We stayed as close to the water as possible, dipping our legs in to stay cool. As the sun hit the stagnant water, it heated up and the smell got worse. I had reached a point in my life where a germ phobia was a luxury, here we do with what we must do to survive. Ayesha was sick and weak and we were told that maybe the Drs would be allowed in to see us today. Medical care has been on the slow side, many who are ill usually end up dying before they receive any medical care. No one wants to treat us.  

Last week the old man who gave me this book to write in made it to the city for treatment but the Dr’s sent him back saying that they would not treat “Bengalis”. He had suffered a severe heart attack and  sending him back was as bad as giving him a life sentence. I am guessing here the doctors in this country don’t take the oath to save every human life regardless of religion or race. The old man’s name was Ahmed, they had sent him back in ambulance and when the arrived outside the camp they threw him out like trash. He hit the ground, we began running towards him but it was too late, he was gone. He had died, like many others, of a treatable illness. I never knew took the time to get to know him because I was too caught up in my own suffering.

Ayesha became sicker and she had to be seen by the doctors. I didn’t know what was wrong with her and no one else could tell either. She vomited nonstop and became increasingly depressed. I thought it could be the intense heat but even with the rehydration drinks she had not improved. We waited for hours in the scorching sun for the doctors to arrive. We were told to line up and wait and we knew better than to argue. 

I scanned the people around me while we waited and there he stood. He was in the line just a few people behind us. His eyes were still as mesmerising and I was shocked he had not left via smugglers boats. There stood my childhood crush, those same mesmerising eyes but now he was a man. I know very well that in a place like this nothing fruitful ever happens, but I’m an old romantic. I couldn’t stop staring and I wondered why he hadn’t left yet. He caught me starting and smiled. I did what any women caught staring at her fantasy would… I blushed, after all I was totally embarrassed at being  caught so blatantly in the act. 

And suddenly against this backdrop of immense pain and awful smells , like a love sick puppy, I felt the butterflies of summer return, this time not on the wilting flowers dotted  around the camp but my stomach. Yes as the line and the day progressed I could not wait to go and talk to him. I felt bad because I realized that in all this heat I had forgotten to ask Ayesha if she wanted some water.

The Dr saw to Ayesha and ruled out any sickness. After a while the doctor asked if he could speak to me in English. He was surprised that I could speak english but never the less told me that he may need my help in the coming days and that I would be paid under the table  for translating his diagnoses and recommendations to the patients . I asked him to be straight up and just tell me what was really wrong with Ayesha. The moment he told me , the world stood still. I had no idea how she would react. Everything that happened to us thus far was a nightmare but now there was this as well. The world began spinning faster and faster. I could hear the doctor ask me if everything was ok but I couldn’t get the words out. Ayesha was pregnant. She was carrying a soldiers baby. The baby of the man that had raped her repeatedly. Ayesha loved kids but having a child that would constantly remind her of the torture she endured and her tormentor? It was far too much for me to take in and I fell to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. The doctor tried to calm me down and before I knew it I had told him everything that had happened from the beginning. 

He looked at me as if he was watching a horror movie. He said he knew things were bad but he didn’t know it was this horrific. He couldn’t do anything immediately but said that I  should take the job and he would try to pay me enough money for Ayesha and I to leave this hell hole. My hope now rested in the hands of a total stranger. I didn’t have much faith in him changing much but at this point I had nothing to lose. 

The sky became gloomy, it looked like we could expect rain, when the rain falls the smell it brings is that of hope and prayer. When the rain comes it brings with it good fortune and that was exactly what we needed. I took Ayesha to a quiet spot, I held her hand and told her that she was pregnant. She was unable to hide her horror and fear. I embraced her like a sister would in dark times, I told her I loved her and that we would work it all out. I told her we would start being more punctual in our prayers, like we were as kids. Who could we expect help from if we didn’t ask God himself? We were fortunate, the soldiers hadn’t  stopped the reciting of the call to prayer in our camp yet, other camps were not as lucky. I gazed into her eyes and told her that the answers would come to us.

Looking at her I thought she had given up entirely but just then, there in one of the darkest moments of her life, she smiled , a wide beautiful smile just as the rain began to fall upon her face.


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