Sold dream 11

The Sold Dream  11 

The boat arrived and suddenly I could smell the fear in the air. Many, including myself and Mahi, wanted to turn back and run home but we were warned that turning back would mean being shot by the armed guards, as target practice.  

Mahi looked at me with her big brown eyes as if to say, “I told you so”. I feel like we should all have known that no one does anything for nothing in this sick world we live in. The knot in my tummy tightened and the feeling that something bad was about to happen became stronger and stronger. One of those feelings that drives you insane but you have no idea what it means.  

Mahi held my hand and said that we should make Dua (pray) to our lord. I closed my eyes an began to pray. ‘My creator there is none worthy of worship beside you, you have no partners you alone do I worship you alone do I beseech please help us reach safety’. With that I put my right foot onto the boat first and held Mahi close. This little girl was my trust and I had to keep her safe. I promised myself that I would look after her. She needed me more than anything.  

We were packed into the boat like sardines. Many wouldn’t make it some who had the money paid to be on the boat while the rest of us were destined for whatever the smugglers had planned. I looked around and smiled even though my nerves were shattered. According to the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon him, even a smile is charity.  So I looked ahead and smiled at any one that looked my way hoping that the smile would bring them some comfort. With everything that my people had been through, a smile was a luxury. 

The people climbed aboard in droves and I began to worry if the boat would manage our collective weight. Mahi wrapped her hands around my neck and happily sang a song about  a little girl who had to be brave because she was growing up. I looked down at her and we broke into laughter. I’m glad she was with me, my little old soul who always knew the perfect words to say.  

As the boat began to move Mahi got scared so I told her to close her eyes and imagine that she was back home. I asked her to picture her family waiting at the door and showing her their new home with a big garden to play in. To feel her mums warm embrace and remember her smell that you missed while you were away at school and think of her dad sneaking her sweets because dads always have a trick or two up their sleeve. We thought about her home and the puppy she always wanted as her coming home gift and her running around the garden with her puppy while her mum looked on and kept telling her how much she was missed. 

As I told her the story I began to miss my own parents. I had forgotten the fragrance of my mother and the smile of my father but the memories I had ,I held close and hoped that as the memories replayed the faces of my parents would disappear.  I wish I had a little photo so the memories would never get hazy. I began to cry as I thought of what Mahi’s childhood should have been like instead we were here. Fleeing the land we love.

by mumtaz saley


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