The end… sold Dream of Rohingya

Many of the Rohingya suffer far more than the stories I’ve shared with you. The Rohingya people are not allowed to live in the land of their birth. Without citizenship the only choice they have is to  leave on smuggler boats after paying exorbitant amounts of money.  They are often sold into slavery on fishing boats or the sex trade. The Rohingya are suffering a genocide at the hands of the Burmese government and not enough is being done to protect them.

Because we live in an age of technology, I urge you to Google the Rohingya and to teach everyone you know about their plight. You can also buy this e-book by Protect the Rohingya on Amazon and all proceeds go directly to humanitarian aid.

From the author: 

Thank you for reading my blog and my attempt to make a difference. I appreciate both your support and your time and I  sincerely hope that your activism for the Rohingya will not end here. 

Please consider buying the book on amazon as it filled with facts and lays a solid basis for us to understand the Rohingya genocide. My blog was based on various articles and reports I have read on the subject.  A special thank you to my good friends at Protect the Rohingya who work tirelessly to help create awareness. Their contributions have ensured my blogs factually accuracy. May Allah grant all those working to save the Rohingya the strength to continue and may he bring Freedom to these besieged people. Subhanallah with the help of Allah my blog has reached readers beyond my expectations. 

by mumtaz saley


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