Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Abdullah 2. 

Once the kids were asleep I sat Sadia down and shared my plans with her. I was nervous and worried. She was convinced that I was about to confess that I was having an affair.

She listened patiently and I felt guilty for the pressure I was putting her under. Eventually, after what felt like a life time, she took my hand in hers and told me she was happy to go along with what I wanted but she asked me not to tell the kids just yet.

That night I asked her again if she had any objections. She smiled reassuringly and said that we should play it by ear before we made any decisions. Sadia is a treasure and even though I knew she would never want to be anywhere but home she was absolutely supportive of my dreams. 

The next day she began to pack and we told the kids that we would be heading to London for our annual holiday, in a weeks time. Nadia thanked us and God and danced around the kitchen while Ahmed tried to convince us that Disney Land would be a far better option, so we decided we would surprise him with a day at Euro Disney in Paris. Sadia was against the Disney land trip because of the cost but I convinced her that a day trip to Euro Disney and a few days in Paris would be well worth the money and an experience we would cherish as a family for a long , long time.

Sadia was not convinced and felt strongly that if we had that kind of spare cash we should put it to better use by sending our domestic worker, Amina to perform the Hajj.  She was so generous and considerate and I was totally in awe of her. I promised her that we would send our domestic worker and her husband for Hajj that year and she just smiled and told me to say Inshallah. 

The next week I spent taking on as many surgeries as possible to help start a Hajj fund for Amina and Imraan. 

by mumtaz saley


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