Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Destination: Guantanamo Bay 

Sadia Part 2

Finally, we are booked and we will be leaving shortly, apparently Rahim is getting married, that was quick… shocker! Don’t they know it takes months to plan a wedding and not just a few days?  It was probably Rahim’s father who went on and on and on about how the wedding has to take place as soon as possible and there was no reason to wait. My guess is that he told them that they were already in London, so why not get married and save the money by not having to return.

His dad is pretty old fashioned, in fact they’re all like that. Rahim is like an old man that poor girl from London has no idea what she’s in for. I bet she’s one of those working woman, who have a life and doll up everyday. Poor her, now she has to move into an old age home. He likes things his way and whenever we say lets go out to eat, he inevitably makes us eat at his house and complains the entire time about how often we eat out. He is the monster-in-law in my life.   

My mother-in-law who I adore is being strange at the moment. The minute we told her about our holiday she began to complain about how much we spend and that a better option would be for her to take the kids and stay at one of her relatives for the holiday.

I don’t really mind, it’s been so long since Abdulla and I have been alone together on holiday, it would be a blessing.

With kids you have to pack ten days before you leave, and then unpack only to repack, so you can make sure that you have everything you could possibly need. Our luggage is always overweight. My mother was worried after she heard about the rise in Islamophobia in the UK, especially because both Abdullah and I dress in religious garb. I told her not to worry, it was only the but media creating hype out of nothing. I didn’t want to tell her that our plan was to find work in London, this was not the time and it was not something she was ready to hear.

I wondered what Rahim’s finace looked like, I hope she wasn’t the snooty type because we would have to spend a lot of time together and I would have to show her around and be her friend when she moved here. 

The last thing I need is for Rahim to marry Hijabi Barbie and me having to fake an entire friendship to keep the peace between my husband and I. If she’s one of those plastic wannabes, she would work on my nerves for sure. I asked Abdullha what Rahim said about her hoping to get some intel on her but he was leaving me in the dark without a care for how disastrously this could potentially turn out. 

I decided to call Rahim’s sister Fatima but she didn’t know much about Salma either and she wasn’t happy at all that Rahim was getting married. She asked me if the house would go to Rahim and his new wife if her parents died. I know it may sound like a crazy thing to say at a time like this but I guess we’ve all thought about it at some point.  

This whole planning for an uncertain occasion which may be a wedding and could be a nikha was driving me crazy and I wish they would decide what they were doing so I could figure out which abayha to pack. If it’s going to be just a nikha and tea then I could probably get away with a really pretty dress under and a cover up thrown over. Buying something is not an option since the rand costs less than crap at the moment.  I’m afraid to ask what a bottle of water would cost. But then again it a holiday and holidays are meant to be expensive…right?  

I also have to make sure that there is someone to take care of my practice while I’m away. The patients will go nuts and I can’t leave them in panic mode because they are so attached that they will begin asking me for consults via watsapp while I’m in London. Maybe they could just google their symptoms while I’m away, imagine the disaster! I have a notice in my surgery that says I charge a little extra for those who arrive after having self-diagnosed via google. 


by mumtaz saley


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