Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Abdulla 3

At the last minute Rahim changed the plan, his wife to be wanted a small function now and to come home with him the week after the wedding. He was stressed out! He had gone to propose and now he was getting married, his room wasn’t even ready for another person, how could he possibly bring a woman into the room he currently has? I tease him about whether he  still sleeps with those batman sheets he couldn’t bear to part with when we were kids. Lucky he recently renovate the house so there’s not much to do. 

I asked Sadia to contact his sister and sister-in-law and ask them to get the bridal couple’s room sorted out, I also specifically asked for Batman sheets! We went by a few days before we left for London.  The women had a plan and I ran around like their servant, hanging curtains, fixing lights and fitting rails while they sipped tea, these women really take advantage.  

By the time they were done Rahim’s manly looking room was peach and romantic. His brother came in to inspect and just rolled his eyes. I told him how once we all had grey rooms with the XBox and the works and suddenly we wake up and it’s peach with a tissue box on the sideboard. We laughed but it was the truth, the moment you get married you have officially given up any right to choose the colour and style of anything in your home, including your own clothes. I took a photo of the room and I sent it to Rahim, his brother and I waited for his reaction. A barrage of questions followed. Where are my black curtains? What colour is that? Where are my cricket things? Ahmed took my phone and replied that everything Rahim had ever owned was now in boxes in the garage like everything you ever owned and you are welcome to visit your things whenever you like, welcome to marriage bro!

While the women caught up on the panchaat, Ahmed and I spoke about what was happening in Syria and Gaza and I told him that I really would like to go and help. After all that’s why I had chosen to become a surgeon. Ahmed directed me to a website calling for all doctors and aid workers to go into war torn Syria. We discussed how cool it would be to help people who had lost everything. He reminded me that we have families to take care of and that those duties were important not to mention the risk of being arrested for terrorism.  I laughed, I told him not to be so paranoid people like us were not the ones the Governments look for. We were too normal and had no extremist agenda but he was unconvinced and insisted that all you have to be, is a Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When I thought about it , I had to admit that the international media plays a huge role in spreading Islamophobia and at the very least every parent has moments where they hope their kids don’t get picked on at their school because they want to pray or wear hijab.


by mumtaz saley


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