The family of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Prisoner #650

Aafia( born 2 March 1972) is a MIT trained Pakistani Neuroscientist, who was convicted on two counts of attempted murder of US nationals, officers, and employees, assault with a deadly weapon, carrying and using a firearm, and three counts of assault on US officers and employees. She is currently serving her 86 year sentence at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.


Under the new law of Terrorism if a person suspects another of the act a simple naming with no evidence has to be given in order for you to be picked up and detained.  Many times especially in Pakistan, london and the USA money or freedom is given in order to find out possible or common links to terrorism. Yes so in other words if you have a nighbour you don’t really like getting rid of them is as easy as a simple phone call and payment will be done later on.
Affia was no exception nor the first to have this rule applied to her imprisonment.

early 2003, during the 2001 Afghanistan War caused by a conflict between United States and Al-Qaeda, Siddiqui returned to Pakistan. In March 2003, she was named as a courier and financier for Al-Qaeda by Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and was placed on a “wanted for questioning” list by the American

She was allegedly abducted by unknown authories with her 3 children in 2003. It is widely accepted that she was held captive against her will. Her children were located and split there are speculations that her baby is still missing and  no where to be found. No trace, no one knows what happened to her child. Now imagine you a parent being picked up with your children, your children are scattered and no one has heard a thing or know where they are. They become ghosts and answers are never given and information  is lost as days pass by.

She was taken away from her children detained and convicted in the most unjust detention to date. Her children lost a mother that day. During her stay in prisons she was subjected to the most inhuman torture  from physical abuse to mental torture. A once radiant looking women filled with laughter and light now sat on the prison floors battered and broken. She like many did not give up hope and have hope that the truth will come out.

Siddiqui was flown by the FBI to New York and indicted in New York federal district court in September 2008, on charges of assault and attempted murder of a United States Army Captain in the police station in Ghazni, Afghanistan. Siddiqui denied the charges. After 18 months in detention, she was tried and convicted 3 February 2010 and sentenced later that year to 86 years in prison. Though it has been a matter of controversy as why a Pakistani woman, who allegedly committed a crime in Afghanistan was flown to US for a trial.
Again the Question as to why she was detained and brought on American soil was a mystery.  So called evidence of bomb making by her on Afghanistan should of never been enough to have her tried on the soil of the USA. Speculations  began to fly as to why she had been detained. Where was she held when she was detained against her will before being sent to America. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall out of place and nothing made sense as to why she was being locked up for so many years and what was Americas right to convict her in the USA.

In Pakistan, Siddiqui had by then become a symbol of victimization. In March 2010, after her conviction, both the Prime Minister Gilani and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif promised in unity to push for her release. Pakistani news media called the trial a “farce,” while other Pakistanis labeled this reaction “knee-jerk Pakistani nationalism”.

Sadly It has been over a year since her family had last spoken to her. Affia Siddiqui has now vanished no one had heard from her or seen her and speculations grow as months go by has the torture she had been subjected to for so long finally went to far. Was she alive? At some point her mental health was question as she been tortured and possibly  raped. No one knows what has happened. Late 2014 the gorvment of Pakistan announced an appeal would be put in to have her move onto home soil in Pakistan to be near her children, after a few months nothing was ever said and her whereabouts came into question. Is she still alive is the biggest question to date. 

by mumtaz saley


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