Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Sadia  4 


The supper was amazing and I got to see the kids, I love my husband but this idea of being away from the kids Is just crazy. Then the psych at the table started his drama and there was this stupid fight that just got everyone worked up for no reason. I hate men that think they can lecture to us all ‘where a women’s place is’ and I feel horrible for Abdullah’s cousin that has to be  married to man like that.  

Today Rahim is taking us to meet Salma. I’m nervous and I told Abdullha that the last thing we need is for her to be holier than thou. He just laughed. Men never understand how complex female friendships are. Rahim decided to get married in 3 days time and after that we would leave on our Paris trip and I was really excited about it. Every little girl dreams about going to Paris at some point in their life, this was my dream come true.  

I wore a maxi dress with a long sleeve white top and a coat over it with some chunky boots. I added a pretty floral scarf and decided to use the new Oud perfume that Abdullha bought me. Abdullah asked if I was hoping Salma would date me, the way I had gotten all dolled up. I told him first impressions counted and I’d rather put my best foot forward since she was going to be my new best friend.

When we arrived the men headed to one side and I was whisked to the other side, in order to get to know Salma. She had decided that we would have tea at home and then the two of us would head to Oxford street for some sightseeing and shopping.  

I looked at her nervously, she was so elegant and even though her face was covered, her eyes spoke volumes. I was so taken aback by it and I prayed to be in that kind of zone. Her eye make up was run way ready and I made a note to ask her for tips when we were better acquainted. We spoke as if we had know each other for ages. She was really an amazing person and very educated. I was so impressed, all Rahim had told us was that she was a teacher, he didn’t tell us she was a lawyer as well. She changed careers because when she went into Niqab it became difficult for her at work.  Her firm told her they couldn’t allow a veiled women to work for them and she had successfully sued them to make sure that women who chose to veil themselves were not subjected to discrimination. 

She told me about how hard it was to find a job while being in nib and then how she eventually became a teacher and the local school had accepted her partly because her father helps out by collecting funds for the school when they are in need. 

I was amazed. The media tells you one story about Muslims and here was the local Imam who didn’t only see to the needs of the Masjid but helped the community as well even though there were not many Muslim kids in the school. 

 During the drive to Oxford street we spoke about everything and she told me she had a fashion addiction, that she was a sucker for good clothing and when I looked down at her shoes, the new collection of Dune adorned her feet. 

She was my new hero, she proved you could be be a fashionista and please the Creator simultaneously. Rahim was one flipping lucky guy, she definitely wouldn’t be like the rest of us… living in Sameeras or PJs under abayas because no one could tell.  

We went on a shopping spree. The bitter cold did not dampen the mood and I was so glad to have hung out with her, sometimes we decide who someone is before we even give them a chance, which is sad because we could be missing out on someone amazing.  

I had to text Rahim sister:  

“Slmz. Spending the day with Salma. She is simply amazing. Down to earth, earns well and shops better than you! You will LOVE her! Gosh I love her and how simple yet stylish she is. I think I found my NEW BFF!”

I had such a fun time with Salma that the whole way to the hotel I spoke about her and Rahim rolled just rolled his eyes at me. I just looked at him and said Touché knowing he was referring to how I had reacted when he was going on and on about her. I apologised and we both laughed.  Abdullha mocked me about my new school girl crush and said he would pay good money to watch Rahim and I in catfight over Salma.

I couldn’t wait for the wedding, now honestly  I was at ease and excited for Rahim and Salma. 

by mumtaz saley


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