Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Sadia 5 


 It’s game time. The kids outfits are sorted and they’re they getting dressed with my mother in-law.  My dress was simple with long sleeves and thin belt. I paired it with floral heels and scarf. As I reviewed my complete look in the mirror, I caught a glimpse of Abdullah getting ready. My man in Kurta always looks so handsome. I stood there checking him out for a few moments until he looked up and asked me what I was looking at?

Husbands always think there’s a problem when you look at them. Abdullah checked his clothing for stains and I laughed and walked over and planted a solid kiss on him.  

The kids came to show us how they looked. Ahmed was fussing as usual… I don’t like the pants, I don’t like the shoes. I’d missed him and hugged him tight, reminding him that we left for Paris the following day. He looked at me, then looked at Nadia and we all smiled these wide toothy smiles at each other. Our dream was about to realise itself.

My mother in-law was still complaining about the cold, I just nodded and smiled. There was no point in telling her to get over it. Also it’s often easier to keep the thoughts inside your head than to let them out and start a war. 

We got into a cab and Abdullah gave the driver the address. The driver asked us where we from and then things got strange when he asked if we knew the anti-terror laws in the UK. Abdullah was friendly and told him that all Muslims should not be labelled because of the actions of a few.  

The driver asked us about our holiday plans and behold Ahmed spoke about Paris and we could all feel his excitement, the driver just nodded and took a quick call. I had an awkward feeling in my gut, suddenly I felt as if something bad was about to happen. When we reached our destination the driver drove off before we could even pay him. I was feeling really uneasy. Something was definitely wrong. I looked at Abdullah and he looked at as if to say: just let go even though it’s odd. I nodded at him and he knocked on the door. We were welcomed by Salma’s family and Abdullah waited for the men to leave for the nikah. 

Just as the men left Salma came downstairs. She looked enchanting. Rahim’s sister Fati almost dropped her tea. Stunning but fat was what she whispered to me. I wanted to kick her so badly at that point. Salma wore a cream dress with blue crystal beads. It was WOW! Her face veil was cream and plain while the scarf was simple with a few beads scattered around which caught the light. She looked very elegant. She wore her nikab with such confidence, I really admired her. She lifted her niqab as all the men had left for the nikah and there stood a radiant bride with simple make up to highlight her features. I had fallen in love with her…that awkward moment when you realise you’re staring too hard.  

As the women sat down to eat, Nadia admired the Décor. They went for a princess style on the women’s side and black and silver for the men’s side. It was a small affair, with about 20 people in total.The gazebo had been kitted out with heaters and it was decorated with drapes, flowers and fairy lights.  

The men came in and the Bride was called to meet her husband in private so they could greet each other and speak after the official ceremony had happened. She was blushing and excited at the same time. I asked Fati how she thought the the first conversation would go. She just rolled her eyes and said poor girl , Rahim is the anti-romance. We giggled as the food arrived. The function was small and simple but by the time the night was over I felt like it was one of the best wedding I’d ever attended. 

I was so glad that my Mother-in-law decided to come to Paris with us. We agreed on the time we would fetch them and left for our hotel. Once we were alone Abdullah make some jokes about having a wedding night in solidarity and winked at me naughtily. I was so exhausted but had to laugh at him being all flirtatious.

When we arrived at the hotel, two police men approached. The uneasy feeling in my tummy  returned. We had no option but to speak to them. I asked if we would be heading to a police station but they said the lobby of the hotel was fine. As I sat down my heart sank. 


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