Destination Gauntanamo Bay

Rahim 7


Rahim 7

The wedding day had arrived. I had decided to wear a tuxedo. As the time grew closer my nerves were on edge. Nothing can prepare you for what you feel on your wedding day. Weddings are an emotional rollercoaster. 

My sister was insisting that I make it clear to Salama that after my parents and I passed on, she would have to move out of the house. She also wanted me to ensure her that the monthly allowances I give them will no stop. 

Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer and  asked her why she needed an allowance from me  when her husband was a millionaire and gave her everything she needed. It was different when she was unmarried because I took over my father’s responsibilities in order for him to be able to retire. 

I told Fati that our other sister, who we never see, and my sister-in-law stopped accepting the money by the second time I gave it to them because they had realised that it wasn’t a gift. She was furious and began to scream and swear. Her husband, who is a super cool guy, told her I was right and that the monthly allowance he gives her is enough to run four average households but she just told him to shut up and sit down. It was awful how she treated him, none of us could understand why he accepted the treatment. My dad intervined and told her that it was my wedding and if she didn’t stop this tantrum, then she would not be welcome to join the rest of us at the wedding. . As usual my mother blamed my dad for spoiling Fati as a kid.

I told Fati , if it meant so much to her I would continue to give her the money. I also told her that Salma is to be treated with respect and dignity at all times and that she shouldn’t make Salma’s life a living hell like she had did with my sister-in-law. I reminded Fati that she was still the baby of the family and she shouldn’t go psycho on us at every big event, she was livid.

I thanked my parents for all they had done for me and I especially thanked my mother for her love. My dad told me to stop being dramatic, after all I was getting married not dying. I told dad he needs to start treating me like an adult once I’m married, he just laughed and said maybe one day when I stopped wearing superman underwear.  

We finally left for the wedding. I checked to see if I had remembered the meh twice. I was worried about us spending our first night in the room next-door to my parents so I begged Fati and her husband to swop rooms for the night. He said yes and she refused and as we know, Fati always gets her way. I wish I could whisk my bride away to an exotic place for a honeymoon but it just wasn’t possible. Salma was amazing, she didn’t even complain, she just said what is meant to be will be we need to stop worrying and have Tawaakul. 

The Nikha was over and it was time to head to the house and greet my wife. I was unsure of the protocol because my wife was in Nikaab. After everyone at the house greeted me and wished me well for our future, the imam took me to his study and said he would tell Salma to join me, so we could spend a few moments alone before the meal.

I sat on the chair then the sofa and even the floor. My heart was beating so fast , I could hear it. The seconds felt like eternity. Then I heard a knock, the door opened and time stopped. Salma walked into the room, my jaw dropped. She still had her niqab on but her white dress made her look like an angel. She undid her niqaab and I tried not to stare but I did. I put out my hand to shake hers in our first greeting as a married couple and asked if could give her a hug. We were both so nervous at first but slowly the conversation began to flow and we sat closer to each other on the couch. It felt like a few minutes but it was an hour by the time the imam returned to call us to dinner. an hour passed there was a knock on the door. I held Salma’s hand as we walked down the stairs together and every one turned around to watch us. She told me that all she needs is to trip and fall and the moment would be unforgettable, I told her it would be unforgettable anyway. With her hand in mine I felt like a king.  

The evening was filled with food and advice that didn’t always make sense from uncles I didn’t really know.

When Abdullah came over to congratulate me, he handed me an envelope. My best friend had booked us a honeymoon in Paris! I was so overwhelmed and told him I couldn’t possibly accept such a costly gift. He told me that it wasn’t for me but that Sadia had insisted on this gift for Salma. I think she felt bad about the whole ‘eye roll’ moment when she arrived. I thanked him for being the person i could always count on.  

The night was so perfect and it would become a beautiful memory. 



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