Sadia, the stress begins

Sadia Part 8 


I left my heart at Piccadilly circus, there was just something magical about that place. I reminisced about the fun times we had as we headed to the Airport.

Yesterday Abdullah and I to the hospital for interviews and they were really happy with us and we were both offered positions as soon as we were available. We decided that we would begin at the start of the new school year, this was our chance to make a new start. 

As we reached the airport, the imam who was dropping us off got a Call about Salma. He appeared angry and stressed all at once. Abdullah asked him what the matter was but he said nothing. When we arrived at the airport he helped us with our bags while he made a few calls. 

Checking in was painful and tired kids and a nagging mother-in-law made it even more challenging. At the desk we were told that there was a problem with Abdullah’s passport. I glanced in the Imam’s direction and he looked even more worried. The Imam made more calls and before I knew it the man from who had questioned us at the hotel arrived, handcuffed and dragged Abdullha away. I began to scream uncontrollably and the kids were crying, no one seemed to notice. 

Abdullha pleaded with his eyes for me to stop but I couldn’t , it didn’t feel like this was a simple misunderstanding. 


Suddenly I was gasping for air, I felt like I was watching a movie,nothing made sense. We were forced onto the plane home. I asked my mother-in-law to travel home with the kids and begged and pleaded with the officials to let me stay with Abdullah but they refused. 

Where was Abdullah? 

Why is this happening?

What did we do wrong?  

These questions were never answered.  


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