Rahim the waiting game…

Rahim … the waiting game

Sadia is in the same boat as I am. Our life plans and our dreams and lives changed in a moment. I’ve been trying everything in my power to find answers about the whereabouts of Abdullha and Salma. The worst blow I could ever imagine was to lose my wife and best-friend in one go.

We have no clue whether they’re alive or not. 

Abdullah’s mother contacted Luqmaan’s wife who told her that Abdullha had been sold out by Luqmaan in order to ease his financial problems. Luqmaan had no idea it would go that far. The authorities were paying top dollar for any ‘terrorism’ related information. He expected to be paid and that Abdullha would go home. This was reminiscent of the thousands of men who had been handed over to the US troops for bounty when they invaded Afghanistan.

I asked her not to tell Sadia about all of this, there was no need to let her know for now and she needed to be strong for her children right now.  I sounded like an idiot when I told her that nothing could be done. 

I didn’t tell her I would be closing my practice for a few months and that I would head to London to find out what was going on. I planned on living with my in-laws until this whole mess was sorted out. I would tell her closer to the time, for now I felt like the best thing to do was to keep things quiet. I felt like I was chasing a ghost.


I remember watching movies about this kind of thing and thinking they were too far fetched. Sometimes as South Africans we are too chilled, because of all the rights and freedoms we have, we tend to forget how the outside world works. It’s time we stopped living in a bubble and realised that this ‘never going to happen to me situation’ is more likely than we imagined.


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