Sadia hope is lost


Coming to London has been a total waste of time and energy. No one knows anything and no one can locate him because as far as they’re concerned he left this country. 

To make matters worse, all my accounts and my in-laws accounts have been frozen. I was caught totally off guard. I stopped to grab some lunch between meeting people to find out how to tackle things and my card was declined. When I called the bank, I was told that my accounts were frozen pending an investigation. 

I was in shock! This was scary, how would I pay for anything, how would I support the kids. Maybe I could turn my practise into a cash only one? Why was this happening to us? 

Luqmaan passed away from a drug overdose just before we arrived in London. This was sad and painful for his family but it also made our job much harder because he could not withdraw his accusations. 

It felt like Rahim and I were going from one dead end to the next.

Rahim told me that even the Imam’s accounts had been frozen pending an investigation, along with the accounts of all Salma’s siblings and the masjid.

Where would we find the answers we needed? Desperation began to kick in.


We left London with nothing. 


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