Rahim agony 


A year, an entire year… 365 days had passed and we heard nothing. The Imam’s accounts were still frozen and things were becoming difficult for him. The masjid received less donations because people were afraid of being associated with someone who had links to ‘terrorism’. They had to move into a smaller home. The sad reality is that hardly anyone comes forward to help when you are down and out. 

I could not let this happen, they were my family now and I had to do something. I sat my family down and told them that I planned on relocating Salma’s parents to South Africa. Her sisters were living with some family members and were well taken care of. The Imam and his wife were too old to have to struggle in this manner.

Fati was outraged when I announced that I would no longer be able to give hr an allowance. Her husband was wealthy and provided a lavish lifestyle, she really had no need for the allowance. She freaked out and a massive tantrum followed. Her husband attempted to appease her by saying that he would give her more cash to buy handbags and take her spa days but it didn’t have the desired effect.

My Brother grabbed her by the shoulders and told her to pull herself together , we were all sick of her manipulation and that he was ashamed of her behaviour. 

Fati swore at him and in her anger confessed that she had called the cops and reported Salma. 

I was in shock. She continued, saying who the hell was Salma and that she had done what she had to in order to save us from a gold-digger putting on a holier than thou act. She wanted to come in the house and have mums house and spend your money. My parents were distraught. How could she stoop this low? 

I was trembling. I told her I hated her and that I would never forget this and if anything happened to Salma it would be on her head. It was as though she had just realised the gravity of her actions.

“Rahim, I am sorry.”  She mumbled and she began to make all these promises to help find Salma. 

I called the landlord that had given the tiny apartment to Salma’s parents to stay in and asked him to book tickets for them and that I was sending money for them a little later that day. 

They didn’t just take Salma away they made it impossible for her family to live normal lives. Her sisters could not open accounts, they were unable to apply for jobs and they were not able to travel.Salma’s oldest sister manages to get paid in cash and the younger sister was still at school. Their lives had changed drastically and many people were now afraid to be associated with them. This meant that many friends were lost and even relatives kept their distance. It was tragic how much one could lose with the new anti-terror laws. Of course these were aimed at making Muslims guilty until proven innocent.


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