Salma the torture ends. 


The torture and the loneliness had changed Salma in many ways but despite it all she never lost her faith or her will to survive.

The aim of torture is to take you close to death but not kill you and then once you are repaired to begin the process again until they get the information they want. 

One night the interrogation went too far and Salma was murdered. A military tribunal acquitted the guards and declared it a suicide 

The war to protect people from terrorists has morphed into something sinister that murders innocent civilians and refuses them their due process rights.  In fact more than four million Muslims have been killed since the War on Terror began in 2001.


13 thoughts on “Salma the torture ends. 

  1. Innalillah!😢 poor salma and rahim. Salma and people like her will get the death of shaheeds so their akhirah is made. May Allah grant their loved ones sabr jameel. Ameen!
    Please make the posts longer mumtaz. Would love to read more


  2. انا لله و انا اليه راجعون.
    May ALLAAH reward the martyrs with highest stages in Jannah. Aameen
    Sister Jazak’Allah for the thought provoking posts


  3. Never commented before but you’re an excellent writer . May Allah Taala grant freedom to all those that are oppressed and imprisoned. Aameen


  4. This is so sad. Was really hoping she could get released. But this is life out there. May Allah grant justice to all those that have been locked up for no reason. . Allah indeed sees & knows everything, He will deal with them . If not in this life, surely in the aakhirah. . Can only imagine what Rahim going to feel like once he finds out.💔😢


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