Destination Gauntanamo Bay. The end. 

The end

Abdullah was released after seven years, his children had grown up without a father. Sadia’s only aim was to find him and eventually she did. Sadia was directed to a local advocacy group who deal with issues like hers and after that slowly they found a way to bring Abdullah home. 

Like hundreds of other men at Guantanamo Abdullah was never convicted of any crime and nor had he ever been charged.

Rahim never married again even though he was informed about Salma’s death. Salma’s body was never returned for burial but later images of her tortured body were published along with thousands of other photographs that the US government tried to block from being published. 

From Mumtaz Moosa Saley. 

Thank you to everyone who has read this blog. There are thousands of innocent people who have been affected by the the war on terror. If we remain silent when others are being oppressed then we become part of the problem. I ask you to share this story as much as you can and keep all those who have been detained illegally in your prayers.

For the more information please check out the Cage website:    


11 thoughts on “Destination Gauntanamo Bay. The end. 

  1. Innalillah! May Allah make it easy for all the prisoners and victims of terror and all oppressed people around the world. May Allah grant all shuhada the highest stages in jannah, and grant their loved ones sabr jameel.
    Jzk khair mumtaz for another eye opening story. May Allah reward you for your efforts. Looking forward to reading another story from you now!😊 maybe about the people of Syria or gaza…

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