Samoosa run 10

Samoosa run ten The weekend had come and I was getting ready for yet another Samoosa run. Since the wedding, I must admit I have some hope of finding my soulmate. I changed into a denim dress paired with pink sneakers and pink scarf to match. I added a bit of eyeliner, some lip gloss … More Samoosa run 10

Samoosa run 9

Samoosa run nine. We didn’t tell Aunt Grace our plans, we hired a hall. We got a wedding and events company to come out make it look and feel absolutely perfect. We literally worked until two a.m. filling bowels and doing the work. By the time we were about to leave the hall, it looked … More Samoosa run 9

Samoosa run 8

Samoosa run eight. The idea of Khalid had to be forgotten, it was clear as a bright sunny day that we were not meant to be. Lost in my thoughts I realized something so eminent; I wanted Khalid to be the one because he was magazine perfect. The reality was that he wasn’t perfect, I … More Samoosa run 8

Samoosa run 7

Samoosa run seven Breakfast Monday; aah the relief of being back to normal. Aunt Grace was at madressa today so I was waiting for her to come with me to lunch to feel normal again. Ahmed my brother still asking if I would please consider the gamer was equally annoying me about why he needs … More Samoosa run 7

Samoosa run 6

Samoosa run six Sunday had come and my mum told me to get done a boy by the name of Ahmed would be coming in to see me. After the last meeting I was disheartened by this whole concept of the Samoosa run saga. I got dress, this time wearing a long peach top, jeans … More Samoosa run 6

Samoosa run 5

Samoosa Run five. It was Saturday again, as usual I had to wake up early and get ready for the next bachelor. This time I decided to do away with the Indian Clothing and just be me. I wore a blue dress, white sneakers and no makeup. For the first time I felt that I … More Samoosa run 5

Samoosa run 4

Samoosa run four. I set on the edge of the bed, I was heart broken. I didn’t want marriage nor did I want a relationship before this. Meeting Aadil there was something about him. He was perfect in every imaginable way. His parents loved the idea that I studied and I have a career. That … More Samoosa run 4

Samoosa run 3

Samoosa Run 3 (If you all be super nice to me I’ll post another post today.) By Mumtaz Moosa Saley. My mother a week after the first Samoosa run, put down the phone looked at me and my dad and said we need a wall planner, so we know who schedule is for when. My … More Samoosa run 3

Samoosa run 2

Samoosa Run Part 2 Saturday had arrived and Nervous as hell I put on an Indian Gharara as if I was to star in my own Indian love story. I never wore one before this and found it to be so dam absurd but someone told my mother that it a must for all marriage … More Samoosa run 2

Samoosa run 1

Samoosa run one Today was one of those days when I am finally on break and I just need to catch up on sleep. My dad and mum decided to go shopping for who knows what, but this is my time to do nothing, so I decided to stay home, wear pjs and binge watch … More Samoosa run 1