Sadia hope is lost

​Sadia  Coming to London has been a total waste of time and energy. No one knows anything and no one can locate him because as far as they’re concerned he left this country.  To make matters worse, all my accounts and my in-laws accounts have been frozen. I was caught totally off guard. I stopped … More Sadia hope is lost

Salma torture.

Salma  I was moved while handcuffed, hooded and I suspect that I was sedated as well. I had no idea where I was. All I knew was that I was alone in cold, concrete cell. The interrogations began after some time. They asked why I had traveled to Syria. This time I was placed in … More Salma torture.

Salma locked up!

Salma part 3 I was shocked , were they really accusing me of terrorism? I had gone to Greece to take humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.  I was furious, emotional and heartbroken. I was also being deported away from Rahim and back to London where I would be questioned about my  role in a terrorist … More Salma locked up!