Samoosa run 19

Samoosa run 19 Weeks turned into months and slowly my mother started to recover. Layhan got what he deserved; he was locked up for attempted murder on two counts. One for my mother and one for Tasnim. The judge made a lesson out of him for men that abuse females. The small town we lived … More Samoosa run 19

Samoosa run 18

Samooa run 18. The next few days got really crazy. Between all the dead animals the numerous phone calls and the works left me lost. I was honestly afraid. The Imaam went to Layhan’s family eventually sit them all down and he told them they have fallen out of the fold of Islam. He went … More Samoosa run 18

Samoosa run 17

Samoosa run 17. Sleep evades you when your mind is bombarded with thoughts. I didn’t know what to do and the more I thought about Layhan, the more depressed I was becoming. I took out my phone. Me: annoying cow, you next door? If so want to maybe chat? I could make some popcorn and … More Samoosa run 17

Samoosa run 16

Samoosa Run 16. Tension at home was rising and my dad refused to listen to anyone. He walks around as if things were so perfect. I was becoming annoyed and contemplated going back to my flat near campus rather, and stay there until I decide what to do with my life. My parents erupted into … More Samoosa run 16

Samoosa run 15

Samoosa run 15 ( super long post, for those who asked.) Saturday came and my dad refused to let me go to the braai alone, whether Layhan liked it or not.. it was his issue. I got dressed and gave my parents the address and we drove in complete silence. It was so deafening. I … More Samoosa run 15

Samoosa run 14

Samoosa Run 14. I was genuinely ecstatic to see aunt Grace. To be honest, I felt lost without her around. She spoke about Umrah with such love and conviction; I was enticed by her words of the beloved holy lands. She asked me about the Samoosa run and I just told her she had missed … More Samoosa run 14

Samoosa run 13

Samoosa RUN 13 The next day, I woke up, read salaah and decided to read Quraan outside as the sun came up. It was absolutely breathtaking. Hamza came over looking for my dad and I still asked why as it was so early, but his strange attitude towards me had not changed one bit. He … More Samoosa run 13

Samoosa run 12

Samoosa run 12 I have been giving Layhan some serious thought and my parents seem to be happy, but that’s the thing… I liked the IDEA of him. I didn’t know anything more about him. I had this strange feeling about him, but he had seemed so perfect so I brushed it off. Why is … More Samoosa run 12

Samoosa run 11

Samoosa Run Eleven. Today being Sunday, we have a double feature of whatever is to come. For real though, we have booked two families; one for brunch and one for tea. I only get the looneys so I’m really not going to bother about who is going to come. I got up early, made my … More Samoosa run 11

Samoosa run 10

Samoosa run ten The weekend had come and I was getting ready for yet another Samoosa run. Since the wedding, I must admit I have some hope of finding my soulmate. I changed into a denim dress paired with pink sneakers and pink scarf to match. I added a bit of eyeliner, some lip gloss … More Samoosa run 10