Sabreen Diary 19

By Mumtaz Saley Wow, we’ve reached the 22nd fast and I can’t help but feel sad as the blessed month is coming to an end. Alhumdulillah, I had, stumbled, upon someone who was in dire need of our help and who lived close by but who was also completely overlooked by the community. During my … More Sabreen Diary 19

Sabreen Diary 18

By Mumtaz Saley Today is an amazing day as I get ready for Fajr after Suhoor, Ahmed and I take a moment to sit by the fire and just talk. Usually, we wait for the 20th fast to distribute our zakat so I knew what the chat was about. “Sabreen, do you know of any … More Sabreen Diary 18

Sabreen Diary 17

By Mumtaz Saley   Nothing was going as planned today, Mohammed was at home, sick with the flu, Amina was miserable as she too seemed to be getting ill, Ahmed had gone to work but had been complaining about feeling under the weather too. I baked and well, that too just flopped! Just as I … More Sabreen Diary 17

Sabreen Diary 14

Mumtaz Moosa Saley We reach the halfway mark with tired minds and bodies but heightened spirits. Ahmed has occupied himself with some DIY work around the house and I lay on the sofa dreading the thought of another iftaar preparation.  The peace and quiet was shattered as the very bored children decide to help their … More Sabreen Diary 14

Sabreens Diary

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley Everyone seems to be in a bad mood and the worst of sins is if you forgot to return a Tupperware container! The masajid seem to have lost their appeal as the rows seem to be less than when Ramadhaan started and samoosas are no longer in demand. Signs that we’re … More Sabreens Diary